Alaska 2005

Our water transport - Folbot (folding boat)!

Please note that the GPS says 241 miles but
that is as the crow flies according to the satellites!
The computer map gave it 221 miles.
There are many sand bars, islands, and turns in the river so it is much longer!
All I can say is my muscles cried fowl (pun intended)!

Leaving Fairbanks - Alaska Pipe Line!

Traveling to our take off point - Circle, Alaska on the Yukon River!

Take off was at Circle, Alaska

See how clean we are! Obvious, this is the start!

First night's camp - mud!

Water took two hours to filter!

The man was never without his trusty compass!

Fish camp!

Riding the bank currents when ever we could -for the rest!

Silt from the glacier.
Hard to filter the silt out and that is why we went for purchasing water!

Fort Yukon Round House

We needed water! Fort Yukon - first civilization for 4 days!

Wet boat = Bad news!
Need to have a fire every night for drying gear!

Meeting friends - Paul S. Williams Jr.

Paul holding a fish spear used by his Athabascan Indian people.

Beaver downtown!

Beaver, Alaska

Wild life - eagle!

Artic white tail fox - he liked our trash and socks.

Rule - shot gun comes out of boats first!

Shot gun Luke!

True Mid-night Sun!

Over 100 forest fires going at one time!

Alaskan Adam!

The boys were usually off in the distance!
Particularly, as they smelled the bridge & the end!

We made the distance - 241 miles + !

Our last camping spot from the bridge!

Yukon dirty two!

Last camp, waiting for our diplomate ride out of here!

The dinner at the bridge (good hot food) and hot showers!
Last camp and then return to visiting Fairbanks!

Raindeer at the North Pole, Alaska

Tanana River that goes through downtown Fairbanks.
Good bye to Alaska for now!
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